Taiwanese need tell every one not to have more birth Taiwanese needs to do all he or she can to write, talk, post whatever the way he or she prefer to tell the whole world n 租房子ot to have any more birth. Because man made from earth, anything that the earth soi 室內設計l cannot deal to keep your land in good condition means it may come up out of mankind controlling, then the w 澎湖民宿orld future can be certain worse than any hells level. Taiwan and beyond had showed so many bagged body place under earth that no 婚禮佈置soil enough to have natural transfer, sooner or later will have the consequence out of the under cover, the world not like isolated as hundrends years ago, 酒店兼職 you don't know where when how your next life may end up, you must do your best to tell every one not give any more birth, therefore, every one can have the God's me 591rcy to stay in the high level. This may explain how come God allows the nuke weapon to be used to kill and empty the life miserable. Therefore, you must do your best if you choose to pet animal 開幕活動to cremate your pets body like you cremate human body to help your pets not falling into low form of level. Therefore, Communist and law makers around the world must make law to demand every human body must be cremated 買屋網 no body is allowed to be left under soil. When the body amount pile up too much to deal with cremate, you must nuke that whole area like you nuke the deadly war zone, every body must gone. I guess that's may be why I am ended gone 烤肉with nuke in my long or not long ago's dream.                 .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 節能燈具  .
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